Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

Most of you who know me know that I'm not really one to toot my own horn. Let's be honest, I just wanted to use the word toot...but you know what I mean. I am my very worst critic. I'm not one to yap about my awesomeness unless I'm just straight up being stupid. However, today is one of the days I am going to allow myself to say it: I am a good photographer.

A couple of months back I entered the Emerge Photography Contest hosted by Livebooks and Rangefinder Magazine. Hundreds of photographers submitted ten images each in five categories. Yesterday the winners were announced and yours truly placed 3rd in their Wedding Venue category.

Now, some people may not get excited about 3rd place, however I say a win is a win! :) As my wonderful boyfriend Greg would say, "Let's get an ice-cream cake!" To see my entry portfolio and other category submissions click HERE.

If you have a spare moment, please take the time to pop over to the results page and check out all of the other wonderful winning photographers, there is some really amazing talent out there!

Thanks everyone!!




Kate said...

Holy cow! Amy, that's awesome!! HUGE congratulations, you rock!!!! Nice pic, too :)

Lindsur said...

You are an absolutely fantastic photographer. You shouldn't hesitate to say that out loud. EVER. :)