Thursday, April 29, 2010

Diptych Day! {coffee}

Diptych Day is a joint personal project between myself and Boston wedding photographer Kate McElwee

This week's theme: Coffee!

I just have to say that this is my favorite combo of ours yet! I suppose it helped that we're both coffee nuts and therefore had no problem finding a reason to photograph our daily espresso pull or to swing by our favorite cafe. Due to the extreme numminess I also just had to include a shot of the lemon mascarpone cupcake I ate while shooting the latte on the right. Cupcake Royale is the best! Me thinks in the future pastries may make a nice theme...

I'm so excited for the continuation of this project! I'm having so much fun shooting for fun again every week and seeing Kate's ideas in comparison. Check out Kate's blog for her take on this week's theme and tons of fantastic Boston couples in love!

Till next week!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Maestas Munchkins

This weekend I met up with my cousin Colleen and her little munchkins, Mason and Mickenze. We've been trying to set this shoot up since before Christmas I think and finally were able to find a weekend that worked with our crazy schedules and, more importantly, the weather.

So Saturday rolled around and we met up at beautiful St. Edward Park in Juanita for a little shooting and a lot of play. I hadn't been to the play area at the park before and man, let me tell you, that place is amazing! I have yet to see a more awesome play area anywhere in the Seattle/Eastside area.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Diptych Day | Go Fish!

Diptych day is a joint venture between Boston wedding photographer Kate McElwee and myself.

This week's theme: Fish!

If you saw our diptych last week, you'll notice right away how completely different this week's image turned out. Our theme last week was green and although we both had great images, they turned out super similar. This week, not so much.

I absolutely LOVE how we came up with completely contrasting images for our theme fish, both in color and context. Kate's image of sardines all comfy in their can looks so crisp and clean next to the photo I shot with my lensbaby of an Annularis Angelfish I've dubbed Charles Wellington III. Charles is a resident of Overlake Hospital Medical Center's main lobby tropical fish tank.

Stay tuned for another awesome collaboration next week!


Friday, April 16, 2010

Give Me A Kiss!

I recently got my first weddings albums from KISS books in the post. These wedding albums are gorgeous!!! I am so excited to use this company- beautiful, yummy books, awesome customer service, and the easiest ordering process in the business! Hence the name, Keep It Simple Stupid... This book is Virgin White linen with flush-mount, lay-flat photographic prints and all of their books come with an adorable little book cover (seen below).

These pics are of a wrapped album (custom box from Jolie Wraps) waiting to be shipped off to James + Crystal McDonald who were married at the Tacoma Museum of Glass last year. That's also my head of Quality Control, Cleo, making sure my sample of the same album is up to code. Thanks little monkey.

I cannot WAIT to order more from this fantastic company! I have also ordered the mini leather 4x4 and the 8x8 leather and they are all fantastic quality!

Check it out...


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Diptych Day!! {green}

Today marks the blog's first official Diptych Day. What is Diptych Day you ask? Come along with me...

About a month ago, while perusing one of my favorite blogs Shutter Sisters, I came across the concept of two photographers collaborating separately under the same theme resulting in a combined diptych image with one photo from each photographer. The idea being to promote creativity, spontaneity, and good old-fashioned fun through shared ideas. You come up with a theme, you both shoot randomly, and then you get to see what someone else conjured up in their own creative mind.

One idea rolling around willy-nilly in two brains.

So now that I had the concept, I just needed to find a partner. While I know several amazing local photographers, I thought it would be more fun to find someone who didn't see the same things I saw everyday. Someone with an entirely different daily viewpoint. Someone in Massachusetts.

Boston wedding photographer Kate McElwee, recently moved from Seattle where she was one of my absolute favorite photographers. I always felt a certain kinship with her style. We had only met once, oddly enough at the Seattle Kennel Club show last January, but I decided it was worth an email to see if she was interested.

Without going into anymore detail, the rest of the story went like this- Yes! Yes? Totally! Done! And Diptych Day was born.

Here's where it gets funny. We decided on our first theme -Green- which we both went out and shot this week without speaking another word to each other. And yet come Wednesday, we found out that we both shot nearly identical images. Down to the exif data. That's Kate on the left, and me on the right.

Ridiculous. Hilarious. Perfect.

Be sure to head on over to Kate's blog for more of her story, and stay tuned for another fantastic Diptych Day masterpiece from Kate and I next week! Perhaps we'll branch out a bit more. :) In the meantime I encourage all of you photogs out there to find a partner and start creating your own fun.


Engaged : Megan i Chris wychodzi za mąż!

OK, so I don't speak Polish.

However, I do have good working knowledge of the Internet and that's how my dear pal Google told me our Polish friends say: "Megan and Chris are getting married!" So, my sincerest apologies if instead I just called your goldfish a whore or asked you for directions to the butcher shop. I know not what I do. More on the Polish thing later...

The three of us met up on Sunday morning, bright and early so that Chris wouldn't miss out on too much final round coverage of The Masters. For those of you who missed it, my fellow lefty Phil won his third Green Jacket. For those of you who think I'm still speaking Polish, skip ahead...

Where was I... Oh yes. Sunday. Megan and Chris met me at Alki with the lovable Rudy, their long-haired dachshund. Rudy was awesome. To see him run through the grass with the wind flying through his fluffy ears made me wish I had four furry legs and could join him. Until I saw the enormous amounts of goose poo. Then, not so much.

After a few scenic Seattle skyline pics and an unexpected jostling on the boat launch dock, we hopped back in our cars and headed over to Woodland Park Zoo. I love the zoo and it was fun to just be able to poke around and take photos here and there. We took some portraits with the penguins, did some ring shots at my favorite picnic table in the North Meadow, and finished up the day in the cool grass of the Rose Garden. Which by the way, has not a single rose right now.

Chris's family is Polish, he still has several family members living in Poland, and this fabulous couple is getting married next month at The Polish Hall in Seattle. I am so excited about this wedding, it sounds like we are all going to have a complete blast!!

Thanks you two, especially Chris, for being so fun and total troopers for me on such a chilly Sunday morning! You two (and Rudy!) are amazing!



Monday, April 5, 2010

Alejandra {Month One}

I'll keep this short and sweet, just like my wee friend Alejandra Katerina Lundin.

Last Saturday I photographed little Allie Kat for the second time with her awesome parents Laura and Jason. Now, I don't mean to alarm any of you, but I'm fairly certain she's getting cuter by the minute. To those of you afraid of not reaching your adorable quotient every month, never fear- we have a standing shoot time every month.

This is going to be so fun!


She & Him : In The Sun

About a month ago I met up with Heather and John at Discovery Park for a bit of trail walking, a little tree climbing, some bird watching, and a whole lotta engagement shooting. After poking around the park for a bit, we hopped over to Ballard to check out the Sunday Market, play a little skee-ball, and have a few beers at King's Hardware.

(side note: I was surprise to show up at King's only to find that one of my fantastic fellow Art Institute grads now runs the place! How kick-ass is that?? Cathy, thanks for letting us shoot there, you rock!! I'll be back soon. Everyone reading this blog should head down there as well!)

But I digress...

Heather and John are the best. I have met with so many great couples this year, and these two certainly did not disappoint. They both love Indie music (hence the title of this post), and John shares my love for crows- weird, I know. I'm super excited about shooting their wedding next month in Snohomish! It is going to be awesome.

Thanks for a fun outing you guys, can't wait to share your day!