Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Blog Has Moved!

Yes I know, Boyz II Men had it right, it's so hard to say good bye to yesterday.  BUT... you don't actually have to!  Please join me over on my fancy-schmancy sparklingly new blog here:  I promise you'll love it just the same, if not better than this one.  It's bigger, better, and easier to navigate while you're poking around.

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I honestly have no idea what you're waiting for.  Head on over and check out the new blog now!  Or on your lunch break... I don't want any of you getting in trouble.  See you there!


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Single Shot : Tribute to The Cosby Show

Had to post this quick animated gif from last night's wedding.  I present to you Josh Hawthorne's tribute to the Cosby Show.  Stay tuned for more from their amazing wedding soon!!  This is hilarious, enjoy.


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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Jessica + Ryan | And Carson Makes Three

Meet the too-cute-for-words Jessica and Ryan. 

You could call these two ambitious.  Or mad.  How about Crazy-Mad-Ambitious?
I mean, who else would decide to plan a wedding, have a baby, buy and move in to a new house all within the span of a year? AND all the while with smiles on both of their faces!  These two are truly blessed, they have amazing family, fabulous friends,  and in just a few short months will finally meet their darling baby boy Carter, face to face. 

Jess and Ryan were married this past Sunday at beautiful Bastyr Chapel in Kenmore.  This church is not only beautiful, but their acoustics are so amazing that many familiar Hollywood movie soundtracks have been recorded there, including Brokeback Mountain, Mr. Holland's Opus, and Die Hard:With a Vengeance.  For you gamers out there, the soundtrack to World of Warcraft was also recorded at Bastyr.  Pretty cool if you ask me.

After a lovely ceremony we were off to the Lake Forest Park Civic Club for their reception (but not before a quick pit stop at Starbucks)! The club is in a quaint little building along Lake Washington with a dock and fabulous views of the water. After toast, dances, and cake, we headed out to the water for my favorite part of the entire day- the lighting of the lanterns. There's just something so magical about lighting those beautiful lights and watching them float off into the dark over the water.  Fantastic.

A triple-big congrats goes out to the ever-growing Kitzing family- Jess and Ryan, Koda and Gus, and very soon little Carter.  I had such a great time with all of you and can't wait to get together again soon!!


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Jessica + Josh | Snow Day!

Hello all and happy snow day!

I love photography sessions that last an entire fun-filled weekend, especially when my BFG is able to come along.  Last weekend, Greg and I took a little road trip with the fabulous Jessica and Josh to Leavenworth for the perfect combination Winter, wine, and engagement photos.  I find that these situations fit very nicely into my simple-yet-effective theory that if you're actually having a good time while your photos are being taken, you don't have to simply act like you are.  Trust me, the camera knows the difference.  The truth is all of us look better when we're not trying so hard.  We played in the snow, drank fantastic wine, had a few nighttime shenanigans and I even got the chance to lay on some train tracks (which you know I just love to do).  Plus, we all made it home before kick off on Sunday.

Josh is a Pats fan and while his team didn't get the win,  I think he summed it up best when responding to Greg's snarky post game text with, "Good game, better weekend."  I couldn't agree more.  We are gonna have such a fabulous time at your wedding this September!!!  Cheers to you both!

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