Monday, June 7, 2010

Georgia + Pascal | Act Two

Georgia and Pascal's beautiful wedding continues with their lovely ceremony at the Greek Orthodox Church of the Assumption. I had never been to a traditional Greek ceremony, and this one was beautiful. Because there were so many guests in a attendance from other countries, much of the spoken word was done in English, French, and Greek. I love how proud and happy Pascal looks as he walks down the aisle with his mother, and how almost giddy Georgia looks as she waves to her guests on the way to the altar.

There are several unique traditions that are done during this hour long ceremony. The rings are blessed by the Priest three times. Then the Koumbari (sponsor) exchanges the rings on the bride and groom three times in a weaving motion representing their lives being entwined into one. Other traditions new to me were the Crowning of the Stephana and the Dance of Isaiah. The Priest will bless the Stephana (crowns) and the Koumbari will place them upon the couple's heads. After drinking from the Common Cup, Father Dean leads the newly joined husband and wife around the table three times. Finally, they had their first kiss and stepped over to the front pews to each welcome their new families into their lives.

You'll want to stay tuned for our final Act 3 coming soon!! These people know how to party. :)



Anonymous said...

Amelia not only captured the important and symbolic parts of our, yes, almost hour-long ceremony, but also preserved on film the emotion of our family during the ceremony.

We love Amelia Soper Photography!!!

Georgia & Pascal

greg warnick said...

Georgia & Pascal - What a terrific set of photos to remind me how beautiful and touching your wedding ceremony was. You looked terrific and the setting was momentous. Thanks for letting us be part of May the 1st!