Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Interlude : The Teacher & The Firefighter

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to help out my photographer friend Chris Gendron (the same Chris of soccer game proposal fame). Chris had photographed the beautiful wedding of Dana and Josh up at Crystal Mountain in January, but was unavailable for their separate Tukwila reception which followed weeks later. So hours after my engagement shoot with Carmi + Jerem, I skipped off to Tukwila to celebrate with the new Mr. & Mrs. Farris.

Although we'd never met before that night, I had an absolute blast photographing them with their friends and family. Everyone was so much fun, especially all of Josh's firefighter brothers who stayed late into the night to closed the place down. And by the way, is Dana not the most adorable bride you've ever seen??! I imagine that if her young students had seen her, they'd think she looked like a Disney Princess!

Oddly enough, we discovered that we'll actually be seeing each other again when I photograph their friends Anna & Lars' wedding this Summer! Such a small world!!

Here are a few of my favorite photos from that night...



Sunday, February 21, 2010

Play Ball!! : Nick + Pesarakphorn

Friday afternoon I was gifted yet another beautiful afternoon for a super fun engagement shoot with Nick and Pesarakphorn. Since both of them went to the University of Washington, they thought it would be fun to shoot around campus. After covering most of University Ave and several places on campus, we ended our day at the UW baseball fields. Nick is a pitcher with the Cleveland Indians organization and played three years for the University of Washington (with Persarakphorn in the bleachers), so it seemed only fitting to capture that special connection in their engagement photos.

I had such a fantastic time just tooling around the U-District and getting to know these two, and am completely looking forward to their wedding in November at The Georgetown Ballroom. What an amazing and unique venue!

OK, enough of my blabbing. It's 2:00am and I should probably go to bed. {Note: if you're checking your email this time of morning, you should probably think about going to bed as well.} Anyhow, enjoy...

One more thing. I really want to thank these two for being such great sports. Nick, for fighting off the squinting (nice job, buddy) and Pesarakphorn, for your stupendous jumping skills. And for forcing those Girl Scout cookies upon me. Oh, and for climbing over all those filthy seat cushions.

Seriously, you guys rock.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Jerem + Carmi : Post Script

I noticed after I posted that last blog that in my haste to publish I'd left something out. This duplex image was one of my favorite edits when the day was done and I wanted to share it with you. I hope everyone is having a beautiful Thursday and is able to enjoy some of this gorgeous weather (if you're local). This afternoon I'm headed over to the Georgetown Ballroom to meet Persarakphorn and Nick to check out their awesome venue. Stay tuned for photos from their engagement that we'll be shooting tomorrow. The weather is going to be beautiful!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Engaged : The Fantastic Carmi + Jerem... and Kai.

A couple weekends ago I met up with this super cool couple at the Space Needle on one of these perfect, gorgeous Winter days that we're getting so accustom to around Seattle. Carmi and Jerem randomly met at the Seattle Center when they were both somewhat new to town and quickly hit it off. They wanted to capture some of the fun locations around town that they'd come to love so much and to be able to include their Shepherd-Ridgeback mix, Kai.

After pausing to watch a little Vietnamese New Years celebration at the Center House, we hopped over to West Seattle for a gorgeous view of the city and a couple pics at the anchor before rounding out our morning at the fantastic Alki Bakery. I'm super excited for their wedding in July at the Blue Ribbon Culinary School- they're having a Pig Roast! And cupcakes! You all know my love for cupcakes. How can you not love these two??!

Contrats you guys, I had a blast. BTW, thanks for the Rum Raisin Pumpkin bread and nonfat latte. Absolutely fantastic. And Carmi, I wish you safe travels on your trip back to the Philippines!! Have fun!


Friday, February 5, 2010

The Proposal : Soccer-Style

Back in December I was asked to photograph my friend and fellow photographer's proposal to his girlfriend. He wasn't sure quite when he was going to do it, but knew he wanted it documented. I was so excited when Chris asked me and was of course happy to do it. (It's so exciting knowing someone is going to be proposed to weeks before they do, such a fun little secret to have!) So a couple weeks ago on a Tuesday night I drove down to Sodo to photograph a co-ed soccer game.

Chris and Sarah play in the same league on different teams, and on this particular Tuesday their teams were playing each other. Chris had everything planned. A well orchestrated (and bogus) foul sent Sarah to the line for a penalty kick which Chris, being goalie, was to defend. As Sarah was momentarily distracted by a teammate, Chris ran up to the ball, got down on one knee, and pulled out the ring just as Sarah turned back to face him. It was perfect. Below is what followed...

Oh, and for those of you wondering, she scored her penalty kick. :)

Congrats you two!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Interlude {Alejandra Katerina Lundin}

While I am in the process of getting more Malawi photos and stories up on the blog, I am still actively shooting. Thus, the Interlude. More of Africa soon, but I had a lovely shoot this weekend I wanted to share.

This past Sunday I went over to my good friends Jason + Laura's home to photograph their brand new little one. This tiny addition is their first (not counting their fantastically lovable yellow lab, Sasha) and is quite clearly the love of their lives.

So, without further ado, I present to you: Alejandra Katerina Lundin.
(You are now free to express your oohs and ahhs...)