Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nicole + Matt Sneak Peek | Say Cheese!!

Hello all!

So here's the bad news...those of you who have been patient awaiting Matt and Nicole's wedding blog are going to have to wait just a little longer.  Now the good news...while I'm still tidying up Nicole and Matt's official post and shining up all their photos, I wanted to be sure you were all in on the fun and silliness that was the Shellooe/Labuwi (Shelluwi if you prefer...) wedding. 

These two and their guests (you know who you are) took full advantage of our photo corner and I just had to share.  Stay tuned for their full wedding post to come. For now, say cheese!


Justin + Lisa | Game On.

Justin and Lisa are gamers.  They are also one of those rare couples that somehow convinced me to want to shoot two weddings on back-to-back days, which I very rarely do.  They are that awesome.  Their  engagement shoot was equally so.  Justin and Lisa decided to have their session in the one place that they felt was most like them in the most personal environment they could think of- their apartment.  So last Sunday afternoon that was where I showed up.  I was already excited about their shoot because I knew they're kitties Latte and Magic would be there. What I did not know was that they would have the most awesome collection of Teenage Mutant ninja Turtle figurines I've ever seen. Seriously, it was impressive.

We spent a good portion of our time playing with Magic while trying to coax Latte out from behind the entertainment center.  That's the fun about sessions that include pets, you get plenty of time to just relax and chat. It was such a fun session, they played games, I played with the cats and took a few photos while Lisa tried to maim Justin with some sort of gaming weapon.  My personal favorite highlight was Lisa's Dance Central Lady Gaga tribute. Lisa, my friend, you are fearless and I love it.

Only six more weeks until the Big Day and I can only image how much more fun we have in store.  You two rock, thanks for an awesome time!!


Monday, May 30, 2011

Dionne + Andrew | Walk on the Wild Side

Last Saturday I met up with Dionne and Andrew bright and early at one of my very favorite places in Seattle, Woodland Park Zoo.  We meandered through Asia, Australia, and Africa chatting about our favorite animals; Dionne loves flamingos while Andrew is a big fan of the river otters.  We learned about brown bears (they don't eat beets...) and watched a peacock take on a troop of ambivalent goats. I had no idea peacocks were so irritable!  We ended our morning with a relaxing stroll through the rose garden, which was completely devoid of roses, yet still beautiful.  Andrew and Dionne are so laid back and fun, I am already totally looking forward to their wedding this Summer aboard the cool and nostalgic Skansonia Ferryboat. 

Congrats you two, only ten weeks to go!!!

Save The Date 6.23.11 | Taste for Life Benefit

Good morning to all my fabulous blog followers, I hope that you are all having a nice, restful Memorial Day. 

Without too much ado, I just wanted to post a quick plug for an event that one of my previous brides is involved with.  I received an email from the fabulous Meghan Pembroke yesterday regarding an event that brings together three of my favorite things- good beer +  good wine + giving to a good cause.  I happen to know that many of you share these favorite things and thought that you too may want to know about this awesome event.  So here you go-

Spend an evening on Seattle's waterfront and enjoy local beverages and hors d'oeuvres—for a good cause! Join Young Professional Ambassadors (YPA) of Puget Sound Blood Center for an economical gathering where you can meet new people, laugh with friends, and support Puget Sound Blood Center.

Tastings will include: Effen Vodka, Chinook Wines, Lazy River Vineyard, OS Winery, Red Sky Winery, Fremont Brewing Company, Widmer Brothers, and more!

Date & Time: Thursday, June 23, 6:30-9:30 pm
Location: Paccar Pavilion, Olympic Sculpture Park, 2901 Western Ave, Seattle
Tickets: $35/each
Register: online here
For more details: visit psbc.org/taste
or contact Kristina at kristinam@psbc.org or (206) 292-4694.

Event sponsored by:
Seattle Steam Company, GLY Construction, and MFS Properties

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Amy hearts Justin + Mary | Spread The Love, Seattle

Last Wednesday I got to be a part of something awesome.  Touted as a workshop, it was much much more. Something profound and thought-provoking, inspiring and life changing.  Something I hope has forever changed my life for the better.  Yes, I know that this probably all sounds a little dramatic, but it's the honest truth.

Justin and Mary Marantz are amazing photographers and my heroes.  They are my heroes because they do what I hope to do, which is live their lives wholly, healthy, and completely.  With burning passion and cool charm, they live the dream. My dream, actually.  The dream to do what you love better than most and not lose yourself while doing it. Wednesday, I took one step closer to getting there.

I met J+M, along with a handful of other fantastic female photographers from all over the country, in their South Seattle hotel suite at 9:30am. We were expecting a twelve hour Water For Elephants themed wedding photography workshop. Instead, we were treated to a fourteen hour life workshop.  We talked love, business, balance, sharing, clarity, light, coffee and even heart rates.  After two hours of intense inspiration, a bagel and some water, we started the shooting portion of our day. We began in the hotel suite, moved on to First Presbyterian on Pill Hill, and finished at one of my favorite venues, Sodo Park.

I can't say enough about the awesomeness of Justin and Mary.  They fill my heart with joy and magically get me to believe that anything really is possible, it's a gift really.  They help me remember this single powerful truth: You can, and will, have the life you want. Believe, Believe, Believe. Then just do it.  No excuses.

I already can't wait until their Spread The Love tour swings back around Seattle next year, for I will be there with bells on and hopefully just that much closer to this dream of mine.  I hope you enjoy some of my pics from this epic day as much as I enjoyed shooting them.


Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday The 13th

A friendly reminder to all... Watch your back today!  
You never know who may be slinking down the stairs behind you...