Monday, January 30, 2012

Joey + Ben | Sweet Love

Meet the absolutely lovely Joey and Ben.

Honestly, aren't these two just the most adorable couple?  For some reason I just felt the vintage feel suited them so well.  I am incredibly happy to have them as my first engagement session of 2012! 

We met up Saturday for a walk through the Seattle Art Museum's sculpture park.  I just love that Joey wanted to bring that awesome balloon.  I love those big weather- balloon inspired ones.  Fabulous.  We started off with a wander through Richard Serra's Wake sculpture, which is one of my absolute favorites for photography because of the cool rust-colored steel construction.  From there we stopped by another of my favorites, Roy McMakin's Love & Loss sculpture- so very, very cool.

We did a quick tour through the market for some flowers and a stop by the infamous gum wall, before heading to Dim Sum at the fantastic Jade Garden. After a quick lunch together with Joey's bridesmaid Alice, and her brother, we were back in the car heading back to pick up their awesome dog, Tank.

 We ended our afternoon at Camp Long in West Seattle.  This beautiful park is one of my favorite little urban oasis's.  We hung out with Tank, did a little log-version of Rock/Paper/Scissors, some light reading, some rock climbing, and a little cupcake eating.  You do know that's one of my very favorite past times.  :)  Basically, we had a wonderful time.  I am so incredibly excited about Ben and Joey's wedding this Summer at the historic Arctic Hotel!!!  Eeeeeee!  So much gorgeous fun.

Thanks for a wonderful afternoon, especially the cupcake and Dim Sum. Yummers!!!


Friday, January 6, 2012

Better Late Than Never? | Erica + Jon

 About 30 minutes ago I noticed with horror and embarrassment that I'd actually forgotten to post one of my weddings from 2011. Not just any wedding, but one of my favorites. Seriously, how does this happen?! Luckily Erica and Jon are two of the most stunning individuals you could ever meet, inside and out. Neither said a thing, simply thinking their wedding just didn't make the cut. This breaks my heart because it's the farthest thing from the truth. Erica and Jon, you two are amazing. I hope you enjoy having your images finally up on the blog, and that perhaps the better-late-than-never rule applies?