Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Alice Evans | Sweet Angel You

Not too long ago I met up with local singer/songwriter Alice Evans to collaborate on photos for her upcoming CD release. I met Alice last October while shooting her beautiful wedding on Orcas Island with fellow photographer J. Nichole Smith. Alice's work is tough to describe; sometimes smooth bluesy jazz, sometimes edgy country rock, but always soulful, personal, and real.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the process of hearing her new edits and themes played out every time I get a new updated disc in the mail. It's so interesting to see how the songs take form and polish over time. I especially liked sitting down for a cup of coffee with Alice to share my feelings and interpretations. I was surprised how close I came to her own experiences; she is a wonderful lyricist.

We had a blast shooting down at Pike Place Market early in the morning, twisting through the back corners of Post Alley. I love the feel of these images. Several different personalities emerge from them and I think that really represents all of the wonderful facets of Alice's music.

Good luck on the album Alice, I can't wait to experience the final result of all your hard work!


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