Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nicole + Matt | Warmth Personified!

I knew from the moment I met Nicole and Matt that I was going to love them. They have such a wonderful joy about them that is completely infectious. Seriously, how can you look at these two (especially Matt's big happy smile) and not smile yourself?! Can't be done.

We got up early and met at Pike Place Market hoping that since it was still before 9am we might beat the crowds. No luck. It was packed. So it goes.  Once the flower vendors were up and bustling, Nicole had them design a beautiful bouquet that we showed off for the rest of the day. There is simply no better place to buy flowers in Seattle. Great people, great flowers, great price!

We toured the Market a bit and found our way over to Starbucks. Matt works at their corporate headquarters and their shoot just wouldn't have been complete without a little shout out! After a bit of time down on the waterfront, Nicole took me to La Panier while Matt fed the meter. It was there that she introduced me to heaven on earth. The french macaroon. Amazing. If you have never had one, do it. Now. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, etc. etc.... just do it. They are absolutely to die for.


OK.  So, if you read my last post, you'll know just how hot it was this weekend.  Alice and Philip's shoot was less than 24 hours prior and I was happy to find that while still toasty, we had it a couple degrees cooler.  At any rate, we decided to head over to Golden Gardens for a little beachiness.  Or is it beachyness?  Anyhow, we went to play on the sand.  :)  Now, anyone who knows anything about Seattle knows the one place everyone flocks to on a hot Summer day (besides Alki of course) is Golden Gardens.  Certain that we wouldn't find parking and the beach would be super crowded, I was shocked when we found a spot in the shade and place north of the main beach that was nearly void of people.  Amazing.

After some mandatory jumping around (of which you won't see because they may be using them for Thank You cards or Save the Dates) and a walk through the birches we decided it was time to have a little lunch.  We found our way to the Market Arms over on (who'd have guessed it?) Market Street.  Nicole and Matt spent a few years living in London and thought a nice British Pub, complete with a soccer match on the tele and a few cold beers, would be a fitting way to end our time together. 

I had such a great time hanging out with these two, it didn't even feel like a photo session.  Thanks you guys for showing me a super fun time and most importantly, introducing me to the fabulous French Macaroon.



Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Alice + Philip | Double Word Score!

On one of the hottest afternoons of the Summer, I met up with Alice and Philip at Alki Beach for the start of their marathon engagement session. :) I'll mention at this point that since this was one of my longer shoots and we took so many incredibly fun photos, it was really hard to limit the images in this post, so in the interest of time some of my favorites didn't make it. Boo, I know. Anyhow, they chose this specific spot in West Seattle because it was exactly where Philip proposed just months earlier! Sweet, right?

These two are just the funnest couple. They splashed in the water for me and skipped rocks, and Philip gave Alice a little guitar lesson. All the while attempting not to sweat through their clothes! Man was it toasty!

After some super warm time at the beach, we hopped in our cars and met up at the University of Washington. Alice's friend and fabulous make up artist Cindy was kind enough to make a bubble tea run while we played a little scrabble on the lawn. Kudos guys, for filling out the board so completely! That was awesome! After downing our fabulous beverages (I totally heart taro root bubble tea!) and jumping off a couple steps in the quad, Alice and Philip donned all the sportswear they could round up to show off their hometown pride!

They ended the evening with a friendly tennis match, and we called it a day as the sun went down. I am just so excited for their wedding and to join them at their friend's Kay Kay and Socrates wedding as well. We are going to have so much fun next year!

Thanks you two for having such a blast and making my job so easy. You guys are the best!!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Anna + Lars | Big Hearts, Big Love

Anna and Lars are two of the sweetest people you could ever hope to meet. Every time I meet them I'm greeted with big smiles and warm hearts and their wedding day was no different. After the hour and a half drive to Olalla, WA and the final windy downhill descent to The Edgewater House I was greeted by a big hug from Lars who was in the yard playing a little soccer with his groomsmen. He directed me towards Anna's room so I could hang out and photograph the ladies for a bit before a few quick shots with the boys.

Anna made such a beautiful bride. I mean, it's not like I was surprised (as you can see she's gorgeous) but you could especially tell just how much she exuded love and happiness that day. After their first look we had a little time for portraits of just the two of them along the beach before the ceremony was to start. Their vows were so touching and sweet and you could just tell how much they both really meant them.

Immediately following the ceremony, the entire bridal party met up on the beach for their "formal" portraits. This group was such a blast and was even willing to roll up their pants, kick off their shoes, and wade in what was sure to be some pretty cold water. They jumped around, made silly faces, and posed like Rockstars. I wish all wedding parties were this fun!!!

The reception was just as fun with some hilarious and incredibly touching moments marked by their best man welling up with tears and then eluding to the fact that Lars had personally written his entire speech. Anna's dance with her father nearly brought me to tears, and I see a lot of father-daughter dances. Even looking back at the photos, I can just feel the bittersweet moment between them.

Their wedding had all of the fabulousness that a wedding could possibly have from a beautiful venue with perfect weather to a moonlit boat ride capped off with fireworks. It was a truly great day.

Thanks to Anna and Lars and their wonderful families and friends for allowing me to share in such a wonderful wedding. I had such a blast!!!


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

20 things you may not know about me

Hello there my fabulous blog readers!

That's me above with our crazy 7 year old puppy Rocco. First of all before I get going, I just really want to say thank you. Thank you for reading and caring and taking an interest in what I do and who I am. I could not do this without all of you. Seriously. From the bottom of my heart, Gratzi.

Now, the reason for this post. I follow a lot of amazing photographer's blogs. I mean A LOT. Recently I have seen a push for creating a more personal bond with clients and blog readers by way of this 20 Things medium. Now, those of you who already know a bit about me know that I am all about making things personal. So naturally, I really like this idea and I want to share too. However, I am quickly realizing that I am one of those Sharing-is-Caring sort of people who tells everyone everything even if they could care less. So how am I going to come up with 20 whole things not many people know? Seriously, I have no idea, but I'm going to try.

I'm starting this blog on July 21st...let's see just how long this little endeavor takes me. Here goes.

Don't judge.

#1. I like the smell of wet cat food.
Might as well start this off with the weird stuff.

#2. When I lived for the Summer with my dad in South Texas I broke so many glasses I was only allowed plastic cups.

#3. My mother died suddenly when I was 17. She had a tattoo of a ladybug on her shoulder.

#4. I hoard lip gloss.

#5. When I eat mint chocolate chip ice-cream, I spit out the chips into a separate bowl and throw them out when I'm done.

#6. I cry every single time I watch the movie Armageddon.

#7. I don't like ice in my water.

#8. My first word ever was Cat. Maybe that explains #1?

#9. I am an expert gift wrapper (and giver) extraordinaire. No seriously, ask people who know. I'm sort of a big deal.

#10. I have an irrational fear of driving in the snow. Even as a passenger, I have to close my eyes.

#11. My dad used to take me to Elementary school on his motorcycle. I had my own helmet, it was white with stickers all over it.

#12. I hate being in open water, freaks the crap out of me. Probably because I can't swim and I watch way too much Discovery Channel.

#13. I sucked my thumb until I was 10.

#14. I compulsively twist the yarn ties on our bedroom quilt. It makes me happy and is inexplicably calming. I've done this ever since I had my first blankie as a toddler.

#15. I've never tried a single illegal drug in my life. Not even pot.

#16. I have owned (or rather been owned by) at least one cat (usually more) every day of my life.

#17. I think dark chocolate is nasty. However, I love saying the word

#18. During meals, I never drink while I'm eating.

#19. I hate massages, but I love hugs.

#20. When I was a kid I used to have two imaginary German Shepherds named Duke and Wolf. My mom would get annoyed because whenever we went somewhere in the car she'd have to wait while I opened the back door to let them in and out.

So, there you go. It is now September 8th and I have finished my list just in time to use it as a little filler until I can get you guys some more pretty pictures to ogle. Soon my friends, soon. I hope you learned a little, or at the very least found it a good reason to put off that phone call you didn't really want to make for another 5 minutes.