Saturday, May 1, 2010

Interlude | Rehearsal Dinner Joy

As I write this I am frantically trying to be sure I have everything ready to go for the wedding I'm shooting in two hours. However, I just had to post a few of the photos from last night's rehearsal for this same wedding. We met up at the Greek Orthodox Church of the Assumption at 5pm for the wedding processional rehearsal which was then proceeded by dinner at Fare Start on Virginia in downtown Seattle.

What a truly wonderful group of people. Pascal and Georgia's family and friends are from all over the world; Cameroon to Paris, England to New York and every place in between. There were speeches in Greek, French, and English. Pascal's mother sang a song to them in her native language and Georgia's father made up a song about the couple to the tune of Julie Andrews' Favorite Things. Both were amazing!

Today is bound to be a wonderful day full of tears and laughter and TONS of dancing. I don't expect to collapse into my bed until well after midnight, but I imagine I'll come back with some fantastic photos.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and please enjoy some of the images from last night's festivities.

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Anonymous said...

Amelia--these photos are fantastic!!! You did an amazing job once again. We enjoyed our engagement session in January very much, and now this! It keeps on getting better!

The bride and groom have two things to say:

1) If you have a rehearsal dinner, plan to have it photographed! Many more intimate and meaningful moments happened at the rehearsal dinner because it was a smaller group of guests, and as you can see Amelia was able to capture those on film.

2) FareStart was a terrific venue! We would highly recommend it for rehearsal dinners and weddings. The excellent food and their mission to provide job training for homeless and disadvantaged people are a huge plus. In addition, as you can see, it is very photogenic! Amelia had a great backdrop for her work.

Georgia & Pascal