Thursday, May 13, 2010

Diptych Day | Circles of Joy!

Ring of Azure Blue
One Glass of Cabernet Sauv
Both Circles of Joy

A new twist to diptych day, I've decided to try my hand at haiku. :)

This week I again waited till the eleventh hour to get my shot done. Our theme: Circles. Why do I always seem to do this? I guess I've always felt I shot better under pressure. Perhaps I do, perhaps I like an excuse to put things off.

More than likely, I just like a reason to open a nice bottle of Cab.

As always, my partner in this weekly photo fun is Boston Wedding Photographer Kate McElwee. And as always she did a stellar job, the lighting on her ring shot is perfection! How is it that we always happen upon perfectly complimentary images? Nobody knows. It's a mystery.

A super-duper awesome mystery.

Now be sure you skip over to Kate's blog and leave a fantasticly eloquent comment like plan to do!


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