Monday, May 10, 2010

Sneak Peek | Georgia + Pascal

Happy Monday!

Wow. Things have been crazy busy since posting about Georgia and Pascal's rehearsal dinner. I had an AMAZING time at their wedding. What a truly gorgeous, genuine, and heartfelt event. I'm fairly certain everyone who attended was either a public speaker or professional dancer, some both. More on that soon, for now this little tidbit will have to suffice.

I want to thank Bekah Jennings for creating the wonderfully handcrafted "Merci" sign for me on short notice. Check her out on Etsy. Bekah you ROCK!


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Anonymous said...

It was an amazing day! We enjoyed every bit and detail about it! Some tell you while you are planning your wedding to not bother with all the details, people won't notice them, it will all happen to fast, etc. Well, we enjoyed the creation of the details during the months before and our guests did too. Like this MERCI sign. It was the perfect detail for our bride & groom wedding photos, using our wedding colors of red & turquoise and one of the groom's native languages.

A HUGE MERCI to Amy for organizing with Bekah to create it. And, of course a MERCI to Bekah too!

Georgia & Pascal