Thursday, May 6, 2010

Diptych Day | Shower

This week Kate and I agreed on the theme Shower. At first I was all excited with thoughts of artsy raindrops on tulips and bright umbrellas with fancy galoshes. And then the week hit me.


A rehearsal dinner to shoot on Friday, the wedding on Saturday, two meetings on Sunday and one yesterday. Not to mention getting up at 3:30am to work my 8 hour I-like-having-medical-benefits job every day. So when exactly is it that these magical photos are taking form?

Turns out that instead of creating something magical, I stumbled upon something funny. Tuesday night, nearing the 11th hour, I walked into the bathroom to find Cleo and my half of our diptych this week.

Little Miss Cleo loves the shower. It is truly one of her favorite places. She likes to go in there and roll around. She'll chatter her silly "meh meh meh" while waiting for someone to rub her chubby little belly so she can wrestle with you.

She's my favorite. Don't tell the others.

I continue to be amazed at how well our images have fit together every week, even when we've both cut it down to the wire. :) I love Kate's image. The blue tone in her photo this week is just so soothing to me and offsets nicely the goofiness of my silly cat. And the idea to shoot in the shower, using her speedlite and pocket wizard encased in ziplock bags was pure genius!

As always, please be sure to head over to Kate's blog to read more of her story.

Till next week friends!!


{Diptych Day is a joint personal project between myself and Boston wedding photographer Kate McElwee. }


Anonymous said...

Amy, I love your kitty pic! She has the sweetest most inquisitive expression. Gorgeous. I love how our shots work together too. Very cool.

Meghan said...

I love seeing these each week. Keep 'em coming!