Monday, April 5, 2010

She & Him : In The Sun

About a month ago I met up with Heather and John at Discovery Park for a bit of trail walking, a little tree climbing, some bird watching, and a whole lotta engagement shooting. After poking around the park for a bit, we hopped over to Ballard to check out the Sunday Market, play a little skee-ball, and have a few beers at King's Hardware.

(side note: I was surprise to show up at King's only to find that one of my fantastic fellow Art Institute grads now runs the place! How kick-ass is that?? Cathy, thanks for letting us shoot there, you rock!! I'll be back soon. Everyone reading this blog should head down there as well!)

But I digress...

Heather and John are the best. I have met with so many great couples this year, and these two certainly did not disappoint. They both love Indie music (hence the title of this post), and John shares my love for crows- weird, I know. I'm super excited about shooting their wedding next month in Snohomish! It is going to be awesome.

Thanks for a fun outing you guys, can't wait to share your day!



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John said...

we had a great time -- photos came out wonderful -- thanks again!