Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Engaged : Megan i Chris wychodzi za mąż!

OK, so I don't speak Polish.

However, I do have good working knowledge of the Internet and that's how my dear pal Google told me our Polish friends say: "Megan and Chris are getting married!" So, my sincerest apologies if instead I just called your goldfish a whore or asked you for directions to the butcher shop. I know not what I do. More on the Polish thing later...

The three of us met up on Sunday morning, bright and early so that Chris wouldn't miss out on too much final round coverage of The Masters. For those of you who missed it, my fellow lefty Phil won his third Green Jacket. For those of you who think I'm still speaking Polish, skip ahead...

Where was I... Oh yes. Sunday. Megan and Chris met me at Alki with the lovable Rudy, their long-haired dachshund. Rudy was awesome. To see him run through the grass with the wind flying through his fluffy ears made me wish I had four furry legs and could join him. Until I saw the enormous amounts of goose poo. Then, not so much.

After a few scenic Seattle skyline pics and an unexpected jostling on the boat launch dock, we hopped back in our cars and headed over to Woodland Park Zoo. I love the zoo and it was fun to just be able to poke around and take photos here and there. We took some portraits with the penguins, did some ring shots at my favorite picnic table in the North Meadow, and finished up the day in the cool grass of the Rose Garden. Which by the way, has not a single rose right now.

Chris's family is Polish, he still has several family members living in Poland, and this fabulous couple is getting married next month at The Polish Hall in Seattle. I am so excited about this wedding, it sounds like we are all going to have a complete blast!!

Thanks you two, especially Chris, for being so fun and total troopers for me on such a chilly Sunday morning! You two (and Rudy!) are amazing!



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