Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Diptych Day!! {green}

Today marks the blog's first official Diptych Day. What is Diptych Day you ask? Come along with me...

About a month ago, while perusing one of my favorite blogs Shutter Sisters, I came across the concept of two photographers collaborating separately under the same theme resulting in a combined diptych image with one photo from each photographer. The idea being to promote creativity, spontaneity, and good old-fashioned fun through shared ideas. You come up with a theme, you both shoot randomly, and then you get to see what someone else conjured up in their own creative mind.

One idea rolling around willy-nilly in two brains.

So now that I had the concept, I just needed to find a partner. While I know several amazing local photographers, I thought it would be more fun to find someone who didn't see the same things I saw everyday. Someone with an entirely different daily viewpoint. Someone in Massachusetts.

Boston wedding photographer Kate McElwee, recently moved from Seattle where she was one of my absolute favorite photographers. I always felt a certain kinship with her style. We had only met once, oddly enough at the Seattle Kennel Club show last January, but I decided it was worth an email to see if she was interested.

Without going into anymore detail, the rest of the story went like this- Yes! Yes? Totally! Done! And Diptych Day was born.

Here's where it gets funny. We decided on our first theme -Green- which we both went out and shot this week without speaking another word to each other. And yet come Wednesday, we found out that we both shot nearly identical images. Down to the exif data. That's Kate on the left, and me on the right.

Ridiculous. Hilarious. Perfect.

Be sure to head on over to Kate's blog for more of her story, and stay tuned for another fantastic Diptych Day masterpiece from Kate and I next week! Perhaps we'll branch out a bit more. :) In the meantime I encourage all of you photogs out there to find a partner and start creating your own fun.


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Anonymous said...

Amy, it's perfect! I love your story - so much more eloquently put than mine. :) Happy things come from doggy days out! So happy to have found you and your beautiful imagery. Here's to many more awesome Diptych Days!