Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Felicidades Katherine Y Dale!!! {Dia Uno}

Last Friday I had the great opportunity to hop on a flight to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for the wedding of Katherine Fountain and Dale Mackinnon. Let me first tell you that they are an amazing couple, suited for each other in every way and quite awe-inspiring in the way they care for each other.

I touched down in Los Cabos a little after 2pm and after plenty of baggage checks (don't ever fly with a bunch of lenses if you want to breeze through security...) I made it to my shuttle and then to the resort, the Pueblo Bonito Rose, around 4:30pm.

My room was wonderful, with terra cotta tiled floors and a beautiful balcony over looking the huge pool located in the center of the U-shaped resort grounds. We all met up on the beach at 6pm for the rehearsal and then whisked off to La Fonda restaurant for dinner. The food was, of course, amazing.

After dinner we were off to The No Where Bar on the marina for cervesas, dancing, and crazy photo ops of our fabulous wedding party (I'll save a little dignity to some by refraining from posting those...)

After the bar it was back to my room for downloading and editing before slipping soundly into peaceful AC-induced slumber. Stay tuned for Day Two (wedding day!!) coming up next.

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