Friday, May 29, 2009

Cabo Conclusion!

Too many photos, just not enough time! Sorry for the delay on day three. I have several other blogable items in the can right now and I have got to get going on things!! So, here we go!

Sunday morning I met with Dale & Katherine for a few final beach photos before they headed off to their honeymoon resort. Our efforts were nearly thwarted by the unpredictable tide (way to be quick with the rings, Dale! - and thanks again Katherine, for grabbing my camera bag!) but we managed to snap a few shots before trouble hit.

15 minutes later, we said our final good-byes and I was officially on vacation for 24 hours. Woohoo! I met with Neely & Christine on the beach for an eclectic breakfast and much needed coffee before hitching a water taxi ride out to Playa del Amor (Lover's Beach).

In these photos you'll see Lover's Beach, The Arch & Divorce Beach- all members of the rocky outcropping bordering Cabo on the Sea of Cortez.

The boat ride to the island was much less dramatic than catching the ride back to the mainland. I can think of no better way to describe our pick up than that of an At-Sea Rescue. (I wish I had a photo to share, however I have no doubt I would no longer have a camera if I'd tried such a feat.)

OK, OK, ...wrapping it up...

Finally deposited safely on the mainland- and accosted by beach vendors- the fabulous Neely treated the three of us to beautiful silver bracelets using the last of her pesos. We headed back to the hotel, Neely & Christine freshened up in my room, and I saw them off to the airport via the hotel shuttle. The rest of my evening was again spent in my hotel room working on photos. I left the next morning after an hour by the pool. Monday in Cabo was a bit muggy and I wasn't terribly upset about having to leave.

I touched down in Seattle to darkness, rain and chill. Good to be home. :)

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