Thursday, May 21, 2009

Día de la boda feliz Mackinnon!

Mexico Day Two: Wedding Day

Saturday morning I awoke to the melody of various birds, wind, and water. It was so peaceful and such a wonderful way to begin what was to be a wonderful day. It was only later that these calming noises would be eclipsed by the "UNO! DOS! TRES!..." of the water aerobics instructor barking orders to her elderly minions in the pool below me.

My morning was spent bouncing back and forth between the beach, the spa, and the boys rooms getting photos of everyone and everything in the midst of "getting ready" mode. The most educational part of my trip was spent in the spa with Katherine and Liz (her maid of honor) while our bride was having her hair done. The stylist did not speak any English, so we spent a good amount of time learning words like suave, desorganizado, torcedura, and cabello. Nearly two hours later- with the help of my iphone dictionary, the spa's receptionist, and step-by-step photos Katherine had taken during the "dry-run" here in Seattle- her hair was done and looked amazing.

Hair done, I was off to Dale's room to snap a few pics of the guys hanging out before the Big Dance. A few toasts, some ring pics, and one mandatory vodka-cran later I was off to Katherine's room to capture the bride donning her gorgeous wedding gown. No doubt, she looked amazing. (Dale didn't look too bad himself in his slick Tommy Bahama sport coat and slacks.)

The ceremony was elegant, short, and sweet. There were a few laughs when the officiant had Dale repeat "...for richer or poorer..." and then "... for richer or richer..." And because of the heat, neither of their rings slid right on each other's fingers, but that was all part of the fun.

Cocktail hour and family photos were followed by a fabulous buffet of fish, fresh fruit, salad, rice, beef, and a super tasty spicy shrimp pate. After which came heartfelt toasts, cake cutting, and first dances. Even the DJ was great. Some seriously creative dancing (Matt & Derek I'm talking to you) followed as everyone else joined in the dance party, which lasted deep into the evening.

The night growing late, and the moist air consuming everything in its path, Katherine & Dale said their good-byes and retired to their suite. Others were off to continue the party at a local bar, but I was exhausted and knew I had lots of work to do. After two trips to the front desk to reactivate my room's keycard and one long awkward walk back to my room with the maintenance guy to unlock my door, I finally settled in for some Advil, uploading, and some much needed sleep.

Adios mi amigos! Day three is coming up soon!

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