Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stephanie + Mike | This Magic Moment

Before I get into the beef and tots of it all, allow me a quick preface. While editing photos for this post I (clearly) had a difficult time narrowing down my favorites, and by the time I took a step back to see what'd I'd be posting I had nearly 50 images. Yikes. It was just too hard to give you the feel of this amazing day without sharing so many images. I mean, magic?!  Magic is not a story you can easily tell in a single photo, and this wedding was indeed magic.

Stephanie and Mike are awesome. While I'm quite certain I say that a lot about the couples I photograph, however in this case I proof. Rustic Whidbey Island, mason jars, wheat boutonnieres, an old truck, a ceremonial step stool, ice-cream sundae bar, magic tricks, homemade jam (which was INCREDIBLE by the way), candy loot bags... I could go on and on but their photos tell it much better than I.

One more thing before I leave you. I'd like to send an extra special big awesome thanks to Michael Budd, their wedding magician.  He not only entertained us all during the reception, but he also taught Stephanie and Mike the trick they chose to do instead of a traditional First Dance (see below).  Michael is not one of those lame Criss Angel types or an uber-creepy Copperfield knock off.  He is the real deal.  Simple, amazing tricks done within two feet of your face.  Michael, you rocked our faces off (I heard that phrase today and just had to throw it back out into the universe!).  Anyone on the look out for a magician, look no further. And if you're not currently in need of a magician, find a reason to be.  He's THAT good.

Abracadabra... Stephanie and Mike!


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