Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Jeff + Leah | Savage Love in the Desert

And here we are, as promised-  a perfectly gorgeous, cloud-free, 83 degree Monday in the Red Rock hills of Las Vegas celebrating the ever-photogenic Mr. and Mrs. Savage.  I was so excited to have some spare time before having to board my flight back to rainy Seattle, especially when the weather and couple were so divine. 

Quick (but important) side note: Monday was also the day I partook in The Bobbie, AKA the most amazing sandwich I've ever eaten in life, and I am DEAD SERIOUS. If you've never been to Capriotti's Sandwich Shop, go.  Now.  You need not wait for your next bachelor party, Final Four or New Year's Eve bash to have a reason to hop the next SWA flight to McCarran International Airport.  This sandwich is your reason. Seriously. You can thank me later.

OK, enough talking. I'll only add that Jeff and Leah are the most gracious, wonderful, kind, and appreciative people you could ever meet.  I consider myself lucky to know them and even luckier to have been chosen to share not just one of their most important days, but several of them.  Thanks you two, from the bottom of my heart.  Loveyameanit. 

Now please, enjoy.

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lara said...

awesome pictures...great couple...and i couldn't agree more about the bobbie! that's the stuff dreams are made of.

good work, amy.