Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Deena + Michael | Victorian Final Fantasy

Deena and Michael are not your typical bride and groom.  No wedding party, no first dance, no cake cutting, no bouquet toss. But what they lacked in tradition, they more than made up for in originality and creativity. And THAT was what made their wedding so spectacular.

I met up with the couple at The Fairmont Olympic Hotel where instead of her bridesmaids, Deena had Michael to help her with her dress and shoes. Once they were ready, Deena in her custom-made Victorian gown and Michael in top hat and tails, we headed out to get some photos in the hotel.  It was to be a renaissance wedding and they were more than ready to step out in style! 

After a few photos in the lobby, an awaiting Bentley whisked the two of them off to the gorgeous Clise Mansion in Redmond where their ceremony would take place. Like I said, Deena and Michael are not your typical bride and groom.

Allow me to elaborate on the pure awesomeness of this wedding. Their officiant wore a kilt and their guests were encouraged to wear Victorian garb. Each of the dinner tables were named after video games (Tetris, Zelda, Final Fantasy, etc.) and all had a 3D puzzle for the table to pitch together and share.  I had a blast helping to fit together our table's blue diamond and I'm sure my assistant Adam (who took the awesome guests photos below) appreciated seeing me channel my inner child/geek.  There was also a full-scale electronic R2D2, Weighted Companion Cube favors filled with candy, and to top it all off they had RockBand set up for their guests to play!!!!

While all of these things were super unique and cool, my very favorite part was their wedding cake, another beautifully crafted masterpiece from Mike's Amazing Cakes.  It was an open storybook topped with both of their likenesses, in full medieval costume, swords drawn on a fabulously dapper dragon in a top hat.  Best wedding cake ever.

Thanks to Michael and Deena for sharing in their wonderfully creative and personal day with me, I'm fairly certain it'll be quite awhile before I attend another wedding with R2D2.  :)


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