Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nicole + Matt | Warmth Personified!

I knew from the moment I met Nicole and Matt that I was going to love them. They have such a wonderful joy about them that is completely infectious. Seriously, how can you look at these two (especially Matt's big happy smile) and not smile yourself?! Can't be done.

We got up early and met at Pike Place Market hoping that since it was still before 9am we might beat the crowds. No luck. It was packed. So it goes.  Once the flower vendors were up and bustling, Nicole had them design a beautiful bouquet that we showed off for the rest of the day. There is simply no better place to buy flowers in Seattle. Great people, great flowers, great price!

We toured the Market a bit and found our way over to Starbucks. Matt works at their corporate headquarters and their shoot just wouldn't have been complete without a little shout out! After a bit of time down on the waterfront, Nicole took me to La Panier while Matt fed the meter. It was there that she introduced me to heaven on earth. The french macaroon. Amazing. If you have never had one, do it. Now. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, etc. etc.... just do it. They are absolutely to die for.


OK.  So, if you read my last post, you'll know just how hot it was this weekend.  Alice and Philip's shoot was less than 24 hours prior and I was happy to find that while still toasty, we had it a couple degrees cooler.  At any rate, we decided to head over to Golden Gardens for a little beachiness.  Or is it beachyness?  Anyhow, we went to play on the sand.  :)  Now, anyone who knows anything about Seattle knows the one place everyone flocks to on a hot Summer day (besides Alki of course) is Golden Gardens.  Certain that we wouldn't find parking and the beach would be super crowded, I was shocked when we found a spot in the shade and place north of the main beach that was nearly void of people.  Amazing.

After some mandatory jumping around (of which you won't see because they may be using them for Thank You cards or Save the Dates) and a walk through the birches we decided it was time to have a little lunch.  We found our way to the Market Arms over on (who'd have guessed it?) Market Street.  Nicole and Matt spent a few years living in London and thought a nice British Pub, complete with a soccer match on the tele and a few cold beers, would be a fitting way to end our time together. 

I had such a great time hanging out with these two, it didn't even feel like a photo session.  Thanks you guys for showing me a super fun time and most importantly, introducing me to the fabulous French Macaroon.



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