Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stephanie + Mike | Kick Up Your Heels!

OK, so admittedly, I got a little ahead of myself with that last post. I was going to post this lovely little engagement session first and then apparently lost my mind. So much so, that some of the images I'd already uploaded have my previous logo.  It's been a weird day.  Anyway, I have a feeling you guys won't mind. So here you go, the fabulous Stephanie and Mike!

Stephanie suggested that we meet up at Seward Park over in Rainier Valley. To be honest, heading into this shoot I was a little apprehensive as to how well everything would turn out. It had been cloudy and raining all morning and the park is sort of in the ghetto. Well, when we met up in the early evening, the weather had cleared and I came to find that this park was really beautiful. While we didn't venture up into the forested area (stay tuned for Kathryn and Brian's upcoming blog post for those pics), we did take advantage of the beautiful beach, docks, and white puffy clouds that remained after the rain cleared.

These two were a lot of fun (I love that Mike can kick up his heels like leprechaun even though he's like 9 feet tall).  It was nice to get to know them a little better and goof around while we got our exercise walking the perimeter of the expansive park. They're getting married in just a few short weeks over on Whidbey Island and, while I can't spoil the surprise, I know their wedding is going to have some extra-awesome moments.

Stay tuned!!

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