Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Laura + Samuel | Doin' the Puyallup!

A couple weeks back on a fabulously sunny Saturday, I had the pleasure of not just one but TWO fabulous engagement shoots at the Puyallup Fair. I have been wanting to do a fair couples shoot for quite some time now and was so super excited to finally have my chance. I'll share my first shoot that day in a bit, but first I'd like to introduce you to Samuel and Laura.

This shoot began how the best of all engagment shoots - at the beer garden. These two were stuck in terrible traffic for so long on the way to meet me that we decided that the best way to begin was with a cold beverage. Cheers.

After some quality people watching and now throughly refreshed, we headed off for games, hay, and rides. Samuel tried his hand at the soccer kick while Laura attemped to knock down some bottles. They played Whack-A-Mole and the water guns in an attempt to walk home with a plush alligator wearing sunglasses. We watched the crazies line up for the Extreme Scream, had hot dogs, nachos, and waited in a huge line for our necessary Fischer scone fix. Mmmm...

Laura and Samuel are just SO much fun to hang out with! They jumped off hay bales, wore the wax mustashes I brought, and made fun of rednecks not wearing shirts with me. I am so excited for their wedding at Januik Winery next year!!! Eeeee!

Fun fun fun, here we come!!


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