Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Alice + Philip | Double Word Score!

On one of the hottest afternoons of the Summer, I met up with Alice and Philip at Alki Beach for the start of their marathon engagement session. :) I'll mention at this point that since this was one of my longer shoots and we took so many incredibly fun photos, it was really hard to limit the images in this post, so in the interest of time some of my favorites didn't make it. Boo, I know. Anyhow, they chose this specific spot in West Seattle because it was exactly where Philip proposed just months earlier! Sweet, right?

These two are just the funnest couple. They splashed in the water for me and skipped rocks, and Philip gave Alice a little guitar lesson. All the while attempting not to sweat through their clothes! Man was it toasty!

After some super warm time at the beach, we hopped in our cars and met up at the University of Washington. Alice's friend and fabulous make up artist Cindy was kind enough to make a bubble tea run while we played a little scrabble on the lawn. Kudos guys, for filling out the board so completely! That was awesome! After downing our fabulous beverages (I totally heart taro root bubble tea!) and jumping off a couple steps in the quad, Alice and Philip donned all the sportswear they could round up to show off their hometown pride!

They ended the evening with a friendly tennis match, and we called it a day as the sun went down. I am just so excited for their wedding and to join them at their friend's Kay Kay and Socrates wedding as well. We are going to have so much fun next year!

Thanks you two for having such a blast and making my job so easy. You guys are the best!!


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