Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Very Soper Holiday : NYC

While I'm getting down to the final blog crunch of the 2011 season I wanted to take a moment to post some of my iphone photos from my recent trip to New York.  While I was there primarily to shoot the beautiful wedding of Amy and Josh, I also had a little time to hang out with my dear friend Jennie and be a tourist for a couple days.  I don't often post photos of my leisure time, but had so much fun ditching the big Canon and using only my phone for photos that I just had to post some of my favorites.  Please enjoy and stay tuned for Amy and Josh's wedding coming up very soon...


Times Square
 Empire State Building
 Occupy Wall Street
 9/11 Memorial
 A festive Empire State Building
 Central Park
Staten Island Ferry
 Lady Liberty
 Grand Central Terminal
Grand Central Terminal and The Chrysler Building
 New York Public Library
 Washington Square Park
 Fendi holiday display
Bergdorf Goodmans

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