Friday, December 16, 2011

Sara + Bruce | British Airs with American Flair

I have found, this year in particular, that British men and American women make absolutely wonderful couples.  I've met several such couples recently (stay tuned for Jen + Mike's blog) and somehow it's consistently magical.  I've been waiting to find a great wedding to blog completely in black and white and Sara and Bruce have allowed me just that.  These two beautiful people were married this Fall at the very cool Shilshole Bay Beach Club after sprucing up at the lovely, waterfront Edgewater Hotel.  Their dogs, Bear and Harry, were their ring bearers and Sara held a horseshoe throughout the ceremony to bring luck and good wishes.  They had some hilarious speeches during dinner by their wedding party before handing out tasty cupcakes for dessert.  I never tire of the English's clever phrases and charm and had such a wonderful time with these two, it's simply enchanting to be around them. 


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