Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Bark Magazine | Juliana + Justin's Wedding Featured

Hello all and happy Thursday!!!

Last Summer I was fortunate to join Juliana and Justin Caton for their wedding at Dragonfly Retreat in Bothell.  Some of my regular blog readers may remember their post, they were the ones with all the fantastic organic food.  If not, you can check it out here

It's because of these two and their pups, that I am super excited to share with you this month's issue of The Bark magazine.  In their article about dogs in your wedding, Here Comes the Bride...and Her Dog, they feature the Caton's pups Jake and Alli.  These guys were so much fun to shoot and we had such a great time not only at the wedding, but also at their engagement shoot which was at Marymoor Park (check it here).  

Thanks so much to Lisa Wogan at Bark for requesting photos and writing such a wonderful article!  If you have a dog (or just really really like dogs) head on over to your local newsstand and pick up this issue today so you can read the full story.  Bark is one of the very best mags in the country for dog owners.

One more thing- whether you're planning to include your four-legged friends in your wedding or not, you simply must get a hold of Courtney with Designs By Courtney.  She is an amazing florist and the mastermind behind the beautiful collars you see below.  She does fantastic work and is a beautiful person to boot!  :)


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