Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jay + Kat : Ahoy, Matey!

Jay and Kat are awesome. Already married on paper, they wanted more than anything just to exchange vows and share an amazing party with their friends and family. Since both Jay and Kat are actors, and have lots of actor friends, they also wanted something a little funky and different. The answer? The Skansonia Ferry. Permanently docked on Lake Union, the Skansonia is a fabulously unique venue. Old pipes, antique signage, rustic wood flooring, steering wheels from other boats... it was a detail photographer's dream.

The ceremony was brief, the food was delicious, and once the dancing started I'm not sure how they ever managed to stop.

I also had a difficult time finally giving their rings back after several fun detail shots around the super cool cabin. I think Nichole even had to remind me that I had probably shot enough. :)

Their families were fun and welcoming, their friends silly and delightful, but my favorite guest of the evening, hands down, was Opus. Opus was their ring bearer. He is also a Boston Terrier and nearly blind. I am sad as I write this knowing that most of you who read this blog will never get to meet Opus and therefore will never know the true hilarity of this dog. However, I have been told I do a fairly accurate impression, and if you ask I may just share it with you.

Opus, this blog is for you my friend.

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