Friday, September 16, 2011

Aaron + Emily | There Was a Time in Dubai...

Needless to say I go to a LOT of weddings.  However, while I find each of them unique and cool in its own special way, I can honestly say that Aaron and Emily's wedding was one of my favorites ever.  I knew the minute we met at my Woodinville office (known to many as Redhook Brewery) that they were special.  These two epitomize my ideal clients; people who are technically clients but seem more appropriate to call friends. They are creative, fun, and don't take themselves too seriously.  I mean, remember their awesome engagement shoot!?  SO fun.

Emily and Aaron had decided early in their relationship that they would wait until there was universal marriage equality for all before they tied the knot (such a wonderful idea!), however the Peace Corps' policy on couples threw a little wrench into that plan.  To be kept together, they would have to be married for at least a year.  Weighing their still strong conviction for equal rights with wanting to get involved travelling with Peace Corps as soon as possible, they made the decision to revise the big picture.  So began the wedding plans.

I found everything about this wedding perfect.  We started our afternoon at the eclectic Hotel Monoco, Emily got ready in a beautiful teal Betsy Johnson dress and adorable heels borrowed from a friend.  Aaron arrived shortly after and the dramatic bedroom curtains made for a fun "reveal".  From the hotel, we all walked the few blocks over to their venue: the Seattle Municipal Courthouse.  Many may think that the courthouse isn't the most picturesque place for wedding photos, but let me tell you, I was as surprised as anyone.  It's new, it's modern, and it has a beautiful view.  Check out the Smith Tower! Who knew the courthouse would become one of my favorite venues?

After a quick chat with the honorable Willie Gregory II in his super cool baseball-themed judge's quarters, the couple returned to an intimate group of family and friends in the Courthouse Library for a concise, but lovely and tear-filled ceremony.

With the official nuptials completed, their small group of family and friends rushed down stairs to give the couple a fun ribbon-waving exit and we all headed back to the hotel. (But not before Emily had a chance to toss her bouquet in the direction of her fleeing bridesmaids.) Lucky me, once back at the hotel I was treated to one of my favorite wedding activities, a good old fashioned pillow fight, before the couple headed off to dinner in their newly decorate automobile.  I told you these guys were fun.

Aaron and Emily, I hope that you both know how much joy you each bring to those around you.  And, while you're both truly unique and wonderful people, together is how you thrive.  Together, you are an unstoppable force.  I feel blessed to know you and to have been able to share your perfect day.  Let's party again soon!!

Love you both bunches!!!


Emily #2 said...

Yes! Best wedding ever and best wedding photographer. Amy, you were EXACTLY what Em and Aaron had hoped for and these photos are proof.

Emily Scott said...

Amy we LOOOVE you! You captured our day perfectly! The photos are made even sweeter by remembering how much fun we had taking them (Aaron sliding down the railing: classic). Clearly we need to plan more exciting life events so you can come hang out with us!

HiLLjO said...

This just makes me cry!!! I can sees and feeeeels the love in this meaningful and true wedding. OMG LOVE. Wish I could feature over at my place!