Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cyndi + Tom | Fine like Summertime

 O', what a beautiful day to be outside!!  With Spring in Seattle you never really know what sort of day you're going to end up with, but this past Saturday we were all treated to one of those wonderful days that reminds you that Summer is just around the corner.  And what do you do in Seattle on an absolutely splendid day like this? You go to Gasworks. Which is exactly what Cyndi and Tom and I did.

I want to take a quick moment to point out a little observation of mine.  For some reason I'd say about half of my clients lately have been accountants or other financial-types, both brides and grooms and sometimes both and they have been THE most fun, inspiring people!  Seriously, I had no idea.  Probably because I avoid math like the dentist. 

Tom and Cyndi are just this sort of people, and did not disappoint.  As mentioned, we tooled around Gasworks and enjoying the colorful kites that were out in force and avoiding the geese and their grass-bombs.  We then headed over to their neighborhood to stroll the streets and take in the colorful personality of Eastlake.

Thanks so much to Cyndi and Tom for putting up with my silliness and perfecting the 10% smile.  :)

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