Thursday, March 11, 2010

Vegas Baby, Vegas! : more of WPPI

I'm back in Seattle on a perfectly rainy Thursday. I was totally going to blog all the days we were in Vegas, but (surprise, surprise!) we were all exhausted every night we got in and it just didn't happen. So, here's the rest.

Let's see... we went to classes by Joephoto, Doug Gordon, and Justin + Mary. The trade show was also super cool and I got a ton of new ideas for wedding albums.We played video blackjack and double bonus poker and I think I lost a total of about 23 dollars. We went to Coney Island and watched people scream past our hotel window on the roller coaster. We ate at the Rainforest Cafe, Chin Chin's, Gonzales Y Gonzales, and had french toast at Denny's. I got the world's most gigantic pina colada before heading in to see the Cirque Du Soleil show, Ka, which was totally awesome. The show, not the pina colada. We walked the strip from NY NY to the Venetian. Everything is so larger than life! We saw the water show at The Bellagio and Guillermo got to pose with his favorite act in Vegas and with a couple of "ladies of the night". We even saw a little bit of home while walking the strip. Recognize Typewriter Eraser anybody???

All in all, I've been inspired by this conference. I will definitely be returning to to WPPI next year with a renewed sense of self. I will also hopefully be returning to Vegas for Leah and Jeff's wedding this October. It is going to ROCK. Hard.

OK, time for more photos...


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