Thursday, March 4, 2010

Leah in Wonderland

I thought in honor of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland opening in theaters tomorrow, I would dig into my archives and share some photos from a shoot I did back in 2007. I've always loved Alice in Wonderland and had this idea for a shoot while in my Location Lighting class at the Art Institute.

The fabulous Leah Andrews was kind enough to trek over to St. Edward's State Park with me for a bit of cupcake eating, tea sipping, trampoline jumping, and a super fun game of 52 card pick-up.

With a ton of props, strobes, reflectors, and a state park photography permit in hand (must follow the rules!) we set up just off the trail head and proceeded to have a ton of fun while creating what now follows... enjoy, enjoy.

Thanks again to Leah and Kim, you guys were fantastic! I can't believe I fit all that stuff in my car in the first place, let alone the fact that I got it all back in afterward. Madness. Leah, I'll see you Saturday in Vegas baby!!


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