Sunday, February 21, 2010

Play Ball!! : Nick + Pesarakphorn

Friday afternoon I was gifted yet another beautiful afternoon for a super fun engagement shoot with Nick and Pesarakphorn. Since both of them went to the University of Washington, they thought it would be fun to shoot around campus. After covering most of University Ave and several places on campus, we ended our day at the UW baseball fields. Nick is a pitcher with the Cleveland Indians organization and played three years for the University of Washington (with Persarakphorn in the bleachers), so it seemed only fitting to capture that special connection in their engagement photos.

I had such a fantastic time just tooling around the U-District and getting to know these two, and am completely looking forward to their wedding in November at The Georgetown Ballroom. What an amazing and unique venue!

OK, enough of my blabbing. It's 2:00am and I should probably go to bed. {Note: if you're checking your email this time of morning, you should probably think about going to bed as well.} Anyhow, enjoy...

One more thing. I really want to thank these two for being such great sports. Nick, for fighting off the squinting (nice job, buddy) and Pesarakphorn, for your stupendous jumping skills. And for forcing those Girl Scout cookies upon me. Oh, and for climbing over all those filthy seat cushions.

Seriously, you guys rock.


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