Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Malawi : Day Four : Power Outage!

September 23, 2009 | 5:42 pm

Today was another lazy day. Mwai and Eddie have had so much to do to get ready for the wedding that they've been gone much of the time over the past few days. We're just been spending our time around the house napping, editing, reading, and eating. This is a nice vacation. Tomorrow we're headed off to...


September 23, 2009 | 7:45pm

Sorry about that. We just sat through our first two hour scheduled power outage. Apparently this is normal around here, sections of the city have scheduled outages to save power. You can find out where and when in the local paper, but no one really bothers because they know they only last exactly two hours. At any rate, as I was saying, tomorrow we're headed off the Lengwe National Park to seem some animals. Dinner tonight is liver and onions, which I'm a little afraid of, but will power through. :) We're also having banana fritters called zitumbuwa which are completely amazing. Matter of fact, they are my favorite thing about Malawi so far. Yum! We're off to eat dinner here in a minute now that the power is back on. Mwai cooked the liver and onions on the back patio over open fire while her sister, Vivian made the fritters. I also had some pineapple Fanta which was also great. Back to editing for a few more minutes before we're called to...


I write this by laptop light. The power just went out again... And now it's back on. Let's hope it stays on this time. My laptop battery is getting low. Time for dinner.

Here's some fun images I shot with available light during the outage. While we were out back waiting for the power to return, I had a little camera fun by dragging the light of the moon to spell out Eddie and Mwai's names:

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