Monday, August 10, 2009

The Sope Box loves Grey Likes Weddings!

Last night I returned from a weekend in Alaska. I think I must have caught a little something on the plane ride home since now I feel icky and am staying home from work.

So I come down to my computer this morning to see what I've missed over the weekend and what do I find? Our little SopeBox Blog has been featured on one of my absolute favorite wedding blogs, Grey Likes Weddings!

It may seem silly, but this is such an honor to me. So many other amazing photographers have been featured on this blog and I am so incredibly delighted to now be included. Thanks to Summer at GLW for wanting to share Evan and Angela with the blogisphere (and for instantly brightening my day)!

Run don't walk straight over to Summer's site and subscribe right away!

Till next time!


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