Sunday, August 2, 2009

angela + evan : picture perfect

What do you get when you cross three photographers and a Jujitsu instructor?

Kick-Ass Images.

Get it?

Bad joke aside, yesterday my assistant (and Jujitsu instructor, hence the joke...) Adam and I had the chance to photograph two of my favorite fellow photographers and Art Institute grads, Evan and Angela. We met up with them at their apartment before heading out to the Olympic Sculpture Park (a typical engagement shoot site) with the intent of better-than-typical engagement photos.

Evan and Angela met our first quarter at school and the rest, I believe, is quite obvious... they fell madly in love. Now, these guys aren't just a couple of awesome photo-fers, they are also two of the most fabulous people you could ever meet. I say this in part because it's widely known that Evan and I may very well have been separated at birth. He is my life twin. Oddly enough, Angela also shares several of her quirky Midwest qualities with my boyfriend, including the same birthday. So you see, we are actually a pair of twins.

I am also pleased to be the Maid of Honor at their wedding this September.

After a little too much time in the sun, we returned to their place for a few more intimate (and silly) photos. I could not have designed a better place to shoot these pics- I mean, the word LOVE right on their bedroom wall? Seriously, genius. I wish every couple were as open to non-traditional, quirky, art-inspired photos as these two are.

Good bye, Sears & Roebuck! Hello, Vanity Fair!

Finally, the shoot would not have been complete without the inclusion of their beautiful Persian, Pearl.

Thanks you guys for an amazing shoot. Once in a blue moon, all the stars align and the result is something special. This was one of those shoots. I can't wait for Victoria in September!!!!

A final thanks goes to Adam for all your assistance and for taking the following fabulous shot of the three of us.



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Brianna said...

Great shots - so much fun. I love the one of Pearl peeking out :)